Humanitarian Award
George Podgorny Lecturer

IFEM is calling for nominations for both the Order of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (FIFEM) (FULL members only are eligible to nominate individuals) and the IFEM Humanitarian Award (FULL and AFFILIATE members are eligible to nominate).  These awards will be presented at the ICEM Conference in Hong Kong in June 2014 and recognize the contributions of our colleagues to international emergency medicine.  Nominations must be submitted no later than Monday 1st July 2013.
Download criteria and procedures for FIFEM award here.
Download criteria and procedures for the Humanitarian Award here.

Order of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine

The IFEM awards the Order of the IFEM (FIFEM) to an individual who is a member of an IFEM member organisation who has demonstrated an extensive and continuous commitment to the specialty of Emergency Medicine in their own country and has made significant contributions to supporting the development/advancement of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine.  Nominations are called for bienially from member countries. 


Humanitarian Award

The IFEM awards the Humanitarian Award to an individual physician or an organisation whose work has had major humanitarian or public health benefit. Nominations are called for bienially from member countries.


Frederick Burkle (ACEP)
The international effort to support emergency medicine in Papua New Guinea sponsored by AusAID

Rick Brennan (ACEM)
Michael VanRooyen (ACEP)
Centre of Excellence for Emergency Preparedness (CAEP)
Yehezkel Waisman (Israeli AEM)

Bradt, David (ACEM)
Bullard, Michael (CAEP)

Holliman, C. James (ACEP)
Redmond, Anthony D. (CEM-UK)

Tong, Hon-kuan (HKCEM)

Hall, Haywood (PACEMD, ACEP)
Wong Tai Wai (HKCEM)

George Podgorny Lecturers

2000 Boston, USA
Inaugural Lecture by Gautam G Bodiwala (UK)
'Past, Present and Future of Emergency Medicine'

2002 Edinburgh, UK
Jim Ducharme (Canada)
'EBM and emergency medicine: what is valid - evidence and how should it be applied?'

2004 Cairns, Australia
Chris Baggoley (Australia)
'The impact of politics on acute healthcare, or With friends like these ....'

2006 Halifax, Canada
Michael Schull (Canada)
'From ER to Africa'

2008 San Francisco, USA
Arthur L. Kellerman (USA)
'Leadership in Emergency Medicine: Local, Regional and National Leadership'

2010 Singapore
V. Anantharaman (Singapore)
'Healthcare Reform, Professionalism and Emergency Medicine'

2012 Dublin, Ireland
Peter Cameron (Australia)
'Age Becomes Us'

2014 Hong Kong
Wong Tai Wai (Hong Kong)
'East meets with West: Emergency Medicine in the era of globalization'