President, Prof Peter Cameron

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IFEM is a public Company limited by guarantee and was incorporated in 2010. Its activities are governed by a Constitution and Bylaws.

Up until 2011, the IFEM Board was made up of a representative from each member country.  An Executive of six office-bearers was created in 2006 to improve responsiveness.  With the growth in membership resulting in over 50 Full, Affiliate and Ex-Officio members, it was agreed that a new Board of 12 members would be established in 2012.  This Board comprises 6 office-bearers, plus representatives from 6 geographic regions - Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America. 

The former Board has been replaced by an Assembly, comprising one voting representative from each of the Founding members and one voting representative from each Full member.  Representatives of Affiliate members may attend and participate in Assembly meetings but do not have the right to vote.  The Assembly’s primary purpose is to ratify or reject proposals brought forward by either the Board or the Executive.  The Assembly has the final decision-making power for major issues related to the IFEM.

IFEM Board

Executive:                      President:                          Prof Peter Cameron (ACEM)
                                     Vice-President                    Dr James Ducharme (CAEP)
                                     President-elect                   Dr C. James Holliman (ACEP)
                                     Secretary:                          Dr Robert Schafermeyer (ACEP)
                                     Treasurer:                         Dr Andrew Singer (ACEM)
                                     Member-at-Large:              Dr Hiu-fai Ho (HKCEM)

Board Representatives:   Africa:                               Prof Lee Wallis (EMSSA)
                                     Asia:                                  Prof V. Anantharaman (SEMS)
                                     Australasia:                        Dr Sally McCarthy (ACEM)
                                     Central and South America: Dr Edgardo Menendez (SAE)
                                     Europe:                              Prof Juliusz Jakubaszko (PSEM)
                                     North America:                   Dr Terrence Mulligan (ACEP)

IFEM Board: Front Row A. Singer, R. Schafermeyer, P. Cameron, C.J. Holliman, C. Reardon (Exec Officer)
Back row: T. Mulligan, J. Jakubaszko, S. McCarthy, L. Wallis, E. Menendez, V. Anantharaman

IFEM Assembly

Members of the IFEM Assembly attending the ICEM 2012 Assembly meeting, Dublin June 2012