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The International Federation for Emergency Medicine was founded in 1991 growing from the association of emergency physicians in Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States who had come together to develop a biennial conference on emergency medicine.

The First International Conference on Emergency Medicine was held in London, UK in 1986 and the second in Brisbane, Australia in 1988.  Then followed the first meeting of the IFEM in 1989.  Details of the subsequent International Conferences can be accessed here.

In 1991 the Charter of the IFEM was signed by the Presidents of the four founding members; the American College of Emergency Physicians, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, the British Association of Emergency Medicine and the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians.  View the Charter in Spanish here.

As emergency medicine continued to develop across the globe, membership of the IFEM was opened to other organisations that represent emergency medicine in their country and this membership now comprises nearly 50 organisations worldwide.

In 1999 to recognise those individuals who have contributed significantly to the development of emergency medicine in their country and to the development of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine, the award of the Order of the IFEM was created.  This was followed in 2000 by the introduction the IFEM Humanitarian Award, which is presented to either an individual or organisations where work has been conducted that has a major humanitarian or public health benefit.

The work of the IFEM continues to grow as does the number of member countries, enabling a truly international perspective on the specialty of emergency medicine.