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Professor Edgardo Menendez

Regional Representative - Central and South America

Sociedad Argentina de Emergencias

Regional Representative, Central and South America | Chair, Spanish Translation Committe

Graduated as Medical Physician in 1987 from Buenos Aires University and he is Professor in Medicine. Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine Specialist.

At present, he is the Director of Emergency Department and the Director of Emergency Medicine Resident Program at Churruca Hospital affiliated to Buenos Aires University and he is an Associate Physician in Intensive Care Service at Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires.

Currently, he is the Director of Post-graduate School of Emergency Medicine at Buenos Aires University and is the Director of Specialist Career in Emergency Medicine at Emergency Argentine Society (SAE)  He has a very active participation in the SAE as Founder Member, Administrative Secretary (2001-2004). Scientific Secretary (2004-2006) Vice-president (2006-2008). President (2008-2010). Immediate Past President (2010 – 2012).Secretary of International relationship (2012 at present).

He is also Chair of the Scientific Committee of ICEM 2020 in Buenos Aires and is the President of the Latin American Federation of Emergency Medicine (FLAME)