Message From The President

Message from the President
Professor Sally McCarthy
September 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic rolls on, with damaging consequences on lives and livelihoods in much of the world. Emergency physicians and emergency care teams are at the forefront of the health response, although cannot themselves be safe at work, or keep their communities safe from contracting COVID, without aligned and proactive, well co-ordinated efforts by governments, and public health infrastructure at all levels. The very same requirements for improving health systems irrespective of a pandemic.

These are times when many are prompted to think and reflect on what is important in healthcare systems, and what is needed to improve health, emergency care and political systems for the good of all. Opportunities to learn from colleagues around the world and the race to research COVID mitigation, clinical care, prevention and vaccination strategies have provided constantly changing guidance and enhanced peer to peer learning and communication. I hope we emerge from the pandemic with more resolve to improve access to high quality health and emergency care for all, and the strength to do it. Please also take some time to rest and look after yourself, your families and your colleagues.

In my role as President I have begun holding online meetings with new IFEM Members. These meetings have provided a fantastic opportunity to learn more about our Members and their local emergency medicine challenges and achievements, and discuss what role IFEM can play in assisting the development of emergency medicine in their country.

Creating Value – for Members, both individuals and groups, and for all others in the global emergency care community

Growing our Budget – so IFEM can sustain and enhance its work

Enhancing Diversity – so IFEM is truly representative of, and relevant to, the global emergency care community

Improving Communications – to build knowledge and collaboration

Action in all these areas has commenced and I will be updating you about progress in due course.

IFEM, dare I say it, has had to “pivot” and focus efforts to connecting online, with large in-person get togethers still some way off in the future. This virtual connectivity has already had some unanticipated benefits, as not having to travel means that many more of us can join in meetings and educational webinars across the globe like never before.

I hope to see you all soon online and stay safe.

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