Message From The President

Message from the President
Professor James Ducharme

The ultimate goal: high level emergency medical care available for all, worldwide.

No two national systems will be identical, because functionality and efficiency always rely to some degree on national culture. Each system’s methods will have to be acceptable to the people of each nation.

And yet, emergency medical care -and the specialty of emergency medicine – will have to address the needs of the acutely ill and injured no matter where the emergency is. The core content will always be identifiable. To ensure this constancy IFEM must maintain a standardized framework from which nations can grow their Emergency Medical Systems. IFEM must ensure collaboration with all potential involved organizations. These will include – but not be exclusive to – WHO, MSF, WADEM, Universities offering international emergency medical programs and aid, and governments. Collaboration is the only way to ensure the same message is being delivered, the same model pieces are being used; otherwise each group risks delivering variants on an ‘understood’ model, leading to competition or conflict instead of a unified effort. As the only international emergency medicine federation, IFEM must ensure this ‘team’ works in the same direction.

Over the coming years, IFEM will flesh out teaching and training program blocks through its multiple special interest groups. Through the IFEM Institute we can provide expertise through consultant work to guide projects and develop systems. To take on such an effort will require IFEM to build a more responsive operating model, with funding, external expertise and guidance. We are, after all a group of motivated physicians with expertise in emergency medicine and emergency medical systems, not a group of experts in communication or business planning. IFEM plans to have dedicated resources for communications, to be able to reach out to those in need, and to keep those involved in IFEM projects up to date on all the activities.

As we grow the necessary systems, IFEM plans to review and do research on the projects to ensure we attain what we set out to attain – measuring outcomes after changes is critical to ultimate success.

The people, the energy and the expertise are all available; we need now to develop the projects, create the links, and work together to attain our ultimate goal: high level emergency medical care for all.

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