Gender Specific Issues Special Interest Group

Gender Specific Issues Special Interest Group

Role of the Gender Specific Issues Special Interest Group:

The Gender Specific Issues Special Interest Group was founded in 2014 and provides a forum to share information on a variety of issues in regard to Gender Specific Issues and to make recommendations to IFEM.

Objectives of Group:

  • To be the global representative body of experts to advise on international issues pertaining to gender issues in emergency medicine
  • To aid networking, research and professional development amongst women in emergency medicine
  • To provide leadership and mentorship to women in emergency medicine
  • To provide advocacy and support to the development of undergraduate and postgraduate emergency medicine training programmes for women
  • To promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy
  • To assist in the development of sustainable career paths for women emergency medicine physicians
  • To focus on the building of relationships with international and national organizations that support the inherent aims and objectives of the special interest group
  • In future the Group may expand to advocate for any minority group within emergency medicine, as the need arises


Dr Imron Subhan | Chair
Society for Emergency Medicine India

Dr Gayle Galletta | Vice Chair
Norwegian Society for Emergency Medicine

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Melanie Stander

Valerie Krym

Lisa Moreno-Walton

Jill McEwen

Sally McCarthy

Lee Wallis

Jeannette Wolfe

Esther Choo

Ayesha Almemari

Nyakiiru Gichuki

Eno Akua A. Biney

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Dr Katherine Henderson

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