Speciality Implementation Committee


Role of the Specialty Implementation Committee

The Specialty Implementation Committee (SIC) was constituted in 2005 and aims to fulfill the broad goals of IFEM, which are ‘to promote access to, and lead the development of, the highest quality of emergency medical care for all people.

The general purpose of the SIC is to assist countries in which emergency medicine is developing towards specialty status.  It is understood that this is a huge and complex issue and that there is a certain amount of cross-over in the work done by committees, in particular with the Core Curriculum and Education and Clinical Practice committees.

The specific objectives of the committee are:

  • To develop reference materials relevant and a list of appropriate consultants to help develop the speciality of emergency medicine in countries where the speciality is yet to mature and
  • To be responsible for drafting responses to specific requests by physicians for speciality development assistance.

If you’re looking for support from the Specialty Implementation Committee we encourage you to contact us.

Terms of Reference


Work and achievements

Business Models
The committee runs workshops to provide expertise and consultation in matters of specialty implementation, and monitors working condition reports and responds to requests in relation to sustainable working conditions.