Congratulations to Professor Sally McCarthy on her appointment to President of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine

Professor Sally McCarthy MBBS FACEM MBA FIFEM, past President of ACEM, is an emergency medicine physician at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, and Director ED South East Regional Hospital Bega, NSW. Previously Director ED at tertiary and smaller hospitals, in 2011 she established the Emergency Care Institute at the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation. Professor McCarthy has held many health system leadership roles, and has been a leader in advocacy and positive change in emergency medicine throughout her career. As ACEM’s only female president, she is now the first IFEM elected female president, and one aim she has is to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of IFEM and emergency medicine globally.

As President-Elect of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) for the past two years, Professor McCarthy had the privilege of working with many committed and inspiring individuals to advance IFEM’s objectives, always keeping IFEM’s vision – a world where all people, in all countries, have access to high quality emergency medical care – in sight.

“I am deeply honoured and thrilled to be elected as IFEM President, and I look forward to working in collaboration with colleagues globally to bring the benefits of emergency care to communities. I would also like to encourage any interested ACEM  and international EM society members to get involved with IFEM as you will make a difference” said Professor McCarthy.

“Sadly, the failures of availability and capacity of emergency and pre-hospital care, and lack of a planned and scalable public health response, are brought into stark reality in the current global situation. The devastation of COVID-19, and its exposure of poor leadership and societal inequities irrespective of a nation’s resources, only underlines the need for a global organization like IFEM which is dedicated to changing this situation for the better.”

Over the next two years Professor McCarthy plans to continue building on IFEM’s strong foundations and lead the organization to take further steps in enhancing its capacity to make positive change to emergency medical care and systems across the world.

Predominantly volunteer-run, IFEM comprises professional organizations from more than 70 countries around the world. It connects a network of specialists and others who practise emergency medicine in their own countries and collaborate to improve emergency care across the world.

Read about IFEM’s incredible achievements in the Annual Report 2020.

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