Emergency Department Crowding and Access Block in the COVID Era and Beyond: Webinar launch of the IFEM Taskforce Report

Co-chaired by Dr Eddy Lang and Dr Kim Hansen, with leadership also provided by medical student Arshia Javidan, the IFEM Emergency Department Crowding and Access Block Taskforce has synthesized a report detailing the future of emergency medicine as it relates to crowding, with findings salient to the COVID-19 pandemic and understanding where we go from here.

Membership in the Taskforce involves over thirty emergency physicians and thought leaders in crowding and access block, representing all IFEM regions from 14 countries.

Webinar viewers will develop an understanding of the causes of crowding and access block around the world, appreciate strategies that have been used successfully, and develop a framework for how to use the report and findings therein to leverage change at a systems-level.

Two webinars were hosted to cater for different regions and time zones.

Download the Report

Download Slide Deck

Watch the webinar recordings

Webinar 1: North/South America and Australasian focus June 30, 2020 

Webinar 2: Europe, Africa, and Asia focus July 2, 2020

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