Website focus group

Play a role in the redesign of our website – take part in a focus group

The IFEM website plays an important role in providing valuable and relevant information and resources to our Members and emergency medical care workers around the world.

We’re about to commence a website redevelopment project. To gain insights into what our website users need from our website, and to better understand how our website can serve you through content and structure, we’re holding two focus groups.

These fun and interactive focus groups will enable you to play an important role in designing our new website and will include:

  • Persona building exercises
  • SWOT analysis of the current website
  • Online card sorting activities allowing you to build your ideal IFEM website and discuss with the group.

We’ll be running two focus groups via Zoom, with ideally around 7 people per workshop that represent a cross section of our website users – country, gender, resource setting.

To join the focus group you’ll need to be in front of your laptop/computer with internet access.

Focus Group Dates
11am – 1pm Tuesday 17 August 2021 UTC
9pm – 11pm Wednesday 18 August 2021 UTC

Unsure of what time that is in your time zone? Use Savvy Time Converter.

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