IFEM activities at ACEP2019

A synopsis by Associate Professor Elizabeth Devos, American College of Emergency Physicians, Chair IFEM Specialty Implementation Committee

Many IFEM members attended ACEP19.  In fact, we were lucky to present 18 Global Leadership awards to bring faculty who are leaders in their countries and regions to Denver to participate in our international EM activities and the education sessions.  This year the ACEP international section was able to partner with the ACES group and ICRC to offer the largest WHO Basic Emergency Care Training of Trainers course to date and 150 provisional trainers will have the opportunity to teach an observed course in the future to become full trainers.

Additionally, ACEP’s Ambassador Program convenes teams of Emergency Physicians working in over 80 countries. Over 140 people from across the globe attended the 7th Annual Ambassador Conference where we heard brief reports from each represented country and then about the implementation of the BEC course in Belize, Ethiopia’s experience with passing the World Health Assembly resolution “Emergency care systems for universal health coverage: ensuring timely care for the acutely ill and injured.”

Other ACEP international EM events included an education session with “hacks” for the field such as making homemade ultrasound gel and hands-on opportunities to try innovative new low-cost tools.  The ACEP Global Village in the exhibit hall provided a space for networking amongst section members and a place for general members to learn about volunteer opportunities, career paths and upcoming international congresses including Developing EM in Colombia and of course ICEM2020 in Argentina.

Several of the Global Leaders joined the ACEP Board of Directors for their final meeting of the year to relay some of the ways such networking has allowed the progress of EM development and to discuss opportunities for future collaboration.

On the IFEM side, Drs Saravana Kumar, Srinath Kumar, Elizabeth DeVos, Kristiana Kauffmann and Cindy Bittner met to discuss Sustainable Working Conditions as a protect of the IFEM Specialty Implementation Committee (SIC). The SIC also held a meeting to discuss ongoing projects including the development of an advocacy toolkit and a webinar to welcome new IFEM members and ensure they understand all of the resources IFEM has to offer.  We plan to begin scheduling webinars in the spring. We will also look forward to sharing progress on the Efficacy of EM and all of the SIC Specialty Interest Groups (SIGs) in Buenos Aires. The SIC and the following SIGs hope to have workshops or tracks during the ICEM2020 meeting: Gender Specific Issues, New and Advancing Technology, Informatics, Quality and Safety and Trainee.

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