Launch of IFEM ED Crowding and Access Block Task Force


Under the auspices of the Quality and Safety Special Interest Group, IFEM is launching a new Task Force on ED Crowding and Access Block.  The inaugural meeting will be open to any interested individuals and will be held at the ICEM meeting in Seoul on June 15, 2019 in room 317A from 12:00 – 13:00pm.

The interim Task Force chair is Dr Eddy Lang from the University of Calgary, Canada.  The purpose of the meeting would be to introduce the rationale and global objectives of the project and consider the Task Force’s draft terms of reference and decide on project deliverables and timelines

Draft Task Force Objectives:

  1. The creation of a pragmatic and implementable as well as a locally tailorable policy strategy that IFEM member organizations can use to leverage research, advocacy and policy initiatives towards ED overcrowding and access block.
  2. Develop Task Force terms of reference.  Multi-region representation with selected international experts in the field of ED overcrowding and access block.
  3. Leverage the IFEM Quality and Safety Framework to define key metrics and data elements that can inform an ED overcrowding and access block initiative.
  4. Create an IFEM online resource page that provides members with a broad suite of tools that can serve as the building blocks and strategies for a ED overcrowding and access block initiative e.g. slide decks, examples of social and lay media campaign strategies, hospital and health authority communication strategies, implementation strategies around various input, throughput and output interventions.
  5. Develop a white paper / manuscript that captures the accomplishments and deliverables of the Task Force i.e. guidemap related to objective #1.
  6. Develop an IFEM community of practice related to ED overcrowding and access block.

If you are interested in attending this meeting or contributing to the TF even if you cannot attend the ICEM meeting please contact Dr. Eddy Lang at: [email protected]

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