Standards of Care for Children in Emergency Departments Version 3

As the development of emergency medicine and acute care systems is well underway globally with over 50 countries where the specialty is fully recognised and another 30 or 40 more working to establish their own systems, the development of Paediatric Emergency Medicine systems is lagging. In the United States, a thirteen year gap existed between the recognition of emergency medicine and paediatric emergency medicine care,

Early Registration Now Open for the 2020 International Conference on Emergency Medicine

This year’s International Conference on Emergency Medicine was a great success. With over 2,700 delegates from 72 countries and 1,094 presentations delivered over four days, the extensive scientific program provided an exceptional opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge and experience with emergency medicine physicians from across the globe.

ICEM2020 is being held in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. 

The ICEM2019 Marketplace: A Novel Approach to Teaching in Geriatric Emergency Medicine

During the International Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICEM 2019), The Geriatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group used a novel approach to introducing colleagues to key concepts in the sub-specialty – the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Marketplace.

What is the marketplace?
The Marketplace is a concept first developed by the IFEM Paediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group as a means of allowing conference delegates hands-on interactions with topic experts in their specialty.

IFEM statement on hospital neutrality

The International Committee of the Red Cross has established as Rule 28: “Medical units exclusively assigned to medical purposes must be respected and protected in all circumstances.”

This rule is based on both The Hague Regulations: “protection of hospitals and places where the sick and wounded are collected” and the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols of 1977 and 2005.

Thoughts from the President September 2019

Professor Jim Ducharme

When I grow up, I want to make the world a better place. A simple, naive notion when I was an adolescent…

“Start small; take baby steps; pay it forward”. “You deserve what you accept. If you don’t think you deserve more, you’ll always accept less”.