IFEM Symposia

The IFEM collaborates with organisations or individuals around the world to produce Symposia that focus on key themes in Global Emergency Care. Guidelines on holding a Symposium in your country are available in:



New Position Statement On Creating Sustainable Working Conditions

IFEM POSITION STATEMENT Download the document here 

The leadership of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine is greatly concerned about the sustainability of professional practice for emergency physicians worldwide. Accordingly in 2013, the IFEM Executive recommended that a Taskforce be developed to review the best working practices of Emergency Physicians worldwide and agree on a set of core principles that would provide guidance and support a sustainable,

New Guidelines on Starting an EM Specialty Society

A task force of the Specialty Implementation Committee have developed guidelines for developing a National Emergency Medicine (EM) specialty organization. The document details structural and procedural considerations for creating or developing an EM specialty organization in a country or region that currently does not have one. It was written in response to requests for aid in developing a country’s specialty of EM.