New Guidelines on Starting an EM Specialty Society

A task force of the Specialty Implementation Committee have developed guidelines for developing a National Emergency Medicine (EM) specialty organization. The document details structural and procedural considerations for creating or developing an EM specialty organization in a country or region that currently does not have one. It was written in response to requests for aid in developing a country’s specialty of EM.

POINT-OF-CARE Ultrasound Curriculum Guidelines

IFEM’s Emergency Ultrasound Special Interest Group has developed a document on point-of-care ultrasound training programs and practice governance, which will assist in providing structure and guidelines for best practice.  It is a consensus document drawing on regional and national guidelines already in practice around the world.

The document highlights the important features of a sound training and practice program,

First Graduates Of Diploma Of EMA in Myanmar

The University of Medicine, Yangon would like to announce the completion on the 17th October 2013, of the 1st Diploma Examination in Emergency Medicine conducted by a joint panel of international and Myanmar examiners. The examination marks the successful conclusion of the inaugural program for a Diploma course which is one of the important first steps for the establishment of Emergency Medicine in Myanmar.

Arrest of Canadian Emergency Physician in Cairo

President of IFEM expresses concern at arrest of Canadian Emergency Physician in Egypt (Tarek Loubani)

22nd August 2013

A letter was forwarded today to the Interim President of the Egyptian Government, and also to the Prime Minister expressing concern at reports in the media that a Canadian emergency physician, Tarek Loubani had been detained.