Introducing the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Research Group

Thiti Wongtangman, Phraewa Thatphet, Shan W. Liu

Given the aging of the population worldwide and that emergency departments (ED) are on the front line of managing the geriatric population, it is important to address how to best care for this vulnerable population. The Geriatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group (GEMSIG) recently created an international Geriatric Emergency Medicine Research Group to help address geriatric emergency research questions on an international level.

Update from the Latin American Federation of Emergency Medicine

The Latin American Federation of Emergency Medicine (FLAME) is an association comprised of National Scientific Organizations of specialists in emergency medicine in Latin America.

The mission of FLAME is “to promote education, research, scientific development and healthcare practice among physicians practicing emergency medicine in Latin America.” FLAME aspires to be recognized as the voice of Latin America for quality emergency medicine,

Vale Clifford Mann, Former RCEM President and Fellow of IFEM


IFEM acknowledges the death of former RCEM President Clifford Mann OBE and extends its sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues.

Dr Mann influenced an enormous change within the specialty of emergency medicine in the UK, particularly as President of RCEM and as National Clinical Advisor for Urgent and Emergency Care at the NHS.