IFEM stands in solidarity with our Myanmar colleagues

The International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) expresses deep concern at the military coup in Myanmar and unlawful removal of the democratically elected government. We stand in solidarity with our medical and nursing colleagues in Myanmar.

In 2012, IFEM formally partnered with the Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports to develop emergency care services.  

Expressions of interest for Committee Membership

In June 2021 there will be a spill of all IFEM Committees. 

Committee membership is open to individuals who are members of an IFEM Member Society or College. There are two avenues for appointment; nomination of individuals by their member organization or self-nomination by individuals who belong to IFEM member organizations.

Eligibility: Nominees must be a member of good standing of an IFEM member organization.

International Emergency Medicine (iEM) Education Project accessed by thousands of students around the world

It has been two years since the International Emergency Medicine (iEM) Education Project (iem-student.org) met with medical students. The project, which aims to promote emergency medicine and provide free, reusable education resources for medical students and educators, reached another important milestone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The iEM education project,

Interaction between EDs and Long-Term Residential Care Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

An article on the interaction between Residential Care Facilities and Emergency Departments on behalf of the Special Interest Group for Geriatric Emergency Medicine.

Written by the following members of the IFEM Geriatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group: Rosa McNamara, Tim Platts Mills, Maaret Castrén, Carolyn Hullick, Don Melady

Key Points  

  • The patient must be at the centre of decisions to transfer to hospital –