Mensaje del Presidente Noviembre de 2019

Profesor Jim Ducharme

Me han pedido que resuma los aspectos más destacados de IFEM de este año ya que nos acercamos al final del año. Lo hago con temor, ya que siempre tengo miedo de omitir los increíbles esfuerzos de alguien o un evento que muchos consideraron vital pero no lo hice muchas veces simplemente debido a mi punto de vista. 

IFEM activities at ACEP2019

A synopsis by Associate Professor Elizabeth Devos, American College of Emergency Physicians, Chair IFEM Specialty Implementation Committee

Many IFEM members attended ACEP19.  In fact, we were lucky to present 18 Global Leadership awards to bring faculty who are leaders in their countries and regions to Denver to participate in our international EM activities and the education sessions. 

Message from the President November 2019

Professor Jim Ducharme

I have been asked to summarize the highlights for IFEM this year as we near the end of the year. I do so with trepidation as I am always afraid I will miss someone’s amazing efforts or an event that many found critical but I did not, often simply due to perspective.

Standards of Care for Children in Emergency Departments Version 3

As the development of emergency medicine and acute care systems is well underway globally with over 50 countries where the specialty is fully recognised and another 30 or 40 more working to establish their own systems, the development of Paediatric Emergency Medicine systems is lagging. In the United States, a thirteen year gap existed between the recognition of emergency medicine and paediatric emergency medicine care,

Pensamientos del presidente Septiembre de 2019

Professor Jim Ducharme

Cuando sea grande, quiero hacer del mundo un mejor lugar. Una idea simple e ingenua en mi adolescencia…

“Comienza con algo pequeño; da pequeños pasos, paga por adelantado”.

“Te mereces lo que aceptas. Si tu no crees que mereces más, siempre aceptarás menos” Si tan solo hicieran caso a todas las grandes palabras de este consejo.