Paediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group

Paediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group


The IFEM Paediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group was formed in 2011 as an initial writing group for the document ‘International Standards of Care for Children in Emergency Departments’. The document was published in 2012, updated in June 2014 and can be downloaded here.

Expressions of interest are invited from IFEM Members to join the Special Interest Group. Nominations by your organisation, or self-nominations by individuals within your organisation, should be forwarded to the IFEM Secretariat.

Terms of Reference available here.

Download a flyer here.

The objectives of the IFEM PEMSIG are to:

Promote the sharing of information amongst Emergency Physicians and Paediatric Emergency Physicians, relating to all aspects of caring for children in Emergency Departments.
Promote networking of interested individuals around the world.
Promote co-working between paediatricians and Emergency Physicians.
Provide advice and information to all member organisations, using the IFEM 2012 publication “Standards of Care for Children in Emergency Departments” as a foundation.
To act as a contact point and be a resource for project work relating to paediatric care, within IFEM.
Promote collaboration and best practice in education and training in the field of Paediatric Emergency Care.

PEMSIG HISTORY (Extract from July 2017 PEMSIG Newsletter by Baljit Cheema)

How we got here is a classic story of ‘do the job well and get asked to do more’ …combined with a healthy dose of snowball effect. Back in 2010, Ffion Davies was asked by IFEM, to gather an international group of PEM experts to define standards for emergency care of children. That original group: Angelina Ang, Liliana Caceres, Simon Chu, Ffion Davies, Marianne Gausche-Hill, Pia Malmquist, Hezi Waisman and myself, were known as the ‘standards group’. Having gathered us together, it seems that the IFEM Board decided we were too useful to disband, and thus we became the kernel for PEMSIG.

At ICEM Hong Kong 2014, the fledgling PEMSIG launched the Standards for Care of Children in Emergency Departments document; we ran a fabulous PEM MarketPlace event and held our first BGM. At the time, our membership was too small for formal elections and so a small steering group (Ffion – Chair, Simon – Secretary and me – Standards Lead) were tasked with leading PEMSIG to the 2016 BGM and formal elections.

The next steps for PEMSIG was translation of the standards document into Spanish and Chinese; a task done with great efficiency and dedication by Angelina & Liliana and the colleagues they roped in to help. There was also a minor-revision of the Standards for Care of Children in Emergency Departments document in 2014 (mainly around language and clarity issues raised from the translation).

During 2015-16 PEMSIG worked hard to put together an incredible PEM track and two show-stealing PEM MarketPlace events at ICEM Cape Town 2016. The second BGM was held, with first formal elections and our membership has been on the up & up since.

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