PEMSIG members actively involved in COVID19 academic activities

The Paediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group (PEMSIG) continues to offer expertise as many of our members are at the front lines taking clinical care of patients and further more at the helm of decision making for their institutions and regions. We have been sought out to share our individual and collective experiences by multiple associations around the globe. This is one of the values of our Special Interest Group!

University of Rome and Italian PEM Society
During the COVID Pandemic PEMSIG has been present in a number of international Paediatric emergency medicine webinars and zoom meetings discussing the nuances of paediatric presentations of COVID-19.

The University of Rome with the support of the Italian PEM Society (SIMEUP) hosted an International Conference of COVID-19 in Children.  12 speakers from 8 countries discussed the impact in their regions and their institutional approach to clinical care during the pandemic. As part of this event, PEMSIG Chair Dr Camilo E Gutierrez discussed his institutional experience at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC.

Watch the webinar

PEMSIG and Latin American PEM Society Collaborations
PEMSIG collaboration with the Latin American Pediatric EM Society (SLEPE) was another online webinar facilitated by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital joined by PEMSIG Chair Dr. Camilo Gutierrez to discuss the epidemiology and COVID-19 presentation in paediatric patients both in Wuhan, China and in the United States.  The webinar also included other PEM specialists from the epicenters of cases in Spain and Argentina. It was incredibly successful with over 1100 registrants and over 500 live attendees. Over 45 questions were submitted and generated over 143 chat messages.

Webinar recording in Spanish 

Over the coming months PEMSIG members will also be discussing the state of COVID-19 in Children in Latin America. PEMISG secretary Dr. Adriana Yock and PEMSIG member Dr. Laura Galvis have been invited to discuss the impact of COVID-19 in Costa Rica and Colombia respectively. This series is organized by the Latin American PEM Society (SLEPE) and the HSJD in Barcelona. If you’re interested in participating please contact us for more information.


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