Early Critical Care Services – White Paper on Early Critical Care Services in Low-Resource Settings in Low-and-Middle income Countries

This White Paper has been submitted to the International Federation for Emergency Medicine
(IFEM) by a multi-specialty group of intensivists and emergency medicine providers from Low
and Low Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) and High-Income Countries (HIC) with the aim of
1) defining the current state of caring for the critically ill in Low-Resource Settings (LRS) within LMICs and
2) highlighting policy options and recommendations for improving the systemlevel delivery of early critical care services in LRS.

Low and Low Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) have a high burden of critical illness and worse
patient outcomes than HIC, hence, the focus of this White Paper is on the care of critically ill
patients in the early stages of presentation in LMIC settings. In such settings, the provision of
early critical care is challenged by a fragmented health system, costs, a health care workforce
with limited training, and competing healthcare priorities.