Finance Committee


Role of the Finance Committee:

  • Under the direction of the Treasurer, manage the financial affairs of the Federation
  • Provide advice and reports to the Board to ensure proper oversight of the finances
  • Review the annual budget and make recommendations to the Board as appropriate
  • Regularly review the fee structure and provide recommendations to the Board as necessary
  • Ensure appropriate reporting, risk management, accounting and internal controls including audit, are in place
  • Arrange for the formation of such subcommittees or working parties deemed necessary by the IFEM Board or its Executive to assist in this process. The Chair of such subcommittees will be a member of the Committee and will report to the Committee
  • Individuals co-opted by the Board to act as resource persons in relation to outside bodies on behalf of the Committee to report to the Board via the Committee
  • To consider strategies for revenue generation and growth with the aim of financial independence for the Federation

Terms of Reference