George Podgorny Lecturers


The George Podgorny Lecture, held as a keynote event at the International Conference on Emergency Medicine, is allocated as an honour to an outstanding emergency physician contributor to international emergency medicine. Recommendations for the honour are collated by the conference host organizing committee, and approved by the IFEM Board. 

2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Professor Sally McCarthy 

2022 Melbourne, Australia 
Professor Edgardo Menendez 

2021 Dubai, UAE 
Melanie Stander 
‘Women in leadership in Emergency Medicine’ 

2019 Seoul 
Teri Reynolds 
‘Potential Contribution of Emergency Care to Health Systems’ 

2018 Mexico City 
Lee Wallis/Teri Reynolds 
‘Collaborative development and implementation of resources for emergency care strengthening: IFEM and the WHO 

2016 Cape Town 
Joseph Lex (USA) 
‘On the evolution of a revolution: 50 years of medicine for the people’ 

2014 Hong Kong 
Wong Tai Wai (Hong Kong) 
‘East meets with West: Emergency Medicine in the era of globalization’ 

2012 Dublin, Ireland 
Peter Cameron (Australia) 
‘Age Becomes Us’ 

2010 Singapore 
V. Anantharaman (Singapore) 
‘Healthcare Reform, Professionalism and Emergency Medicine’ 

2008 San Francisco, USA 
Arthur L. Kellerman (USA) 
‘Leadership in Emergency Medicine: Local, Regional and National Leadership’ 

2006 Halifax, Canada 
Michael Schull (Canada) 
‘From ER to Africa’ 

2004 Cairns, Australia 
Chris Baggoley (Australia) 
‘The impact of politics on acute healthcare, or With friends like these ….’ 

2002 Edinburgh, UK 
Jim Ducharme (Canada) 
‘EBM and emergency medicine: what is valid – evidence and how should it be applied?’ 

2000 Boston, USA 
Inaugural Lecture by Gautam G Bodiwala (UK) 
‘Past, Present and Future of Emergency Medicine’