Order of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine


Nominations for the Order of the IFEM (also known as “Fellowship of the IFEM”) should be reserved for individuals who have demonstrated an extensive and continuous commitment to the specialty of Emergency Medicine in their own country as well as having made significant contributions to supporting the development and advancement of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine. Criteria for consideration of Fellowship would include the following:

  1. Serving in a leadership role within the IFEM - including serving as the representative from a national organization to the IFEM Assembly or Board, coordinating committee activity or projects within IFEM, or demonstrating outstanding service in promoting the development of the IFEM.
  2. Active involvement with ICEM: conference director, committee representative for a country in the ICEM, or by demonstrating outstanding service promoting the educational objectives of the ICEM.
  3. Fellowship may also be recommended by a member national organization wishing to acknowledge an exceptional person who has made outstanding contributions to international emergency medicine in other ways.


  1. IFEM member organizations in good standing are eligible to nominate individuals. Individuals must be in good standing with their nominating organization.
  2. The nominations should be made by completion of a nomination form and citation, accompanied by a cover letter. The cover letter should clearly present the rationale for recognizing the contributions of the nominee and must be accompanied by a one page citation. There is no limit placed on the number of nominations.
  3. Nominations with the supporting documentation and applicable fee should be sent to the IFEM Secretariat at least 90 days prior to the Board meeting at which voting on the nominations will occur.
  4. The IFEM Board will review, approve and ratify all Fellowship designations

Presentation of Fellowship

Newly designated Fellows will be recognized at the next International Conference on Emergency Medicine at the Awards Ceremony.

Fellows will be authorized to use the official title “Fellow of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine” associated with their name as post nominal FIFEM.


Award Nomination Fee  

High and Upper Middle income countries $756AUD

Lower Middle income countries $227AUD

Low income countries $76AUD


Download Award Criteria


Please note that nominations for 2024 have now closed.