Survey distribution

IFEM can assist with survey research being undertaken by external independent agencies. We can distribute materials (e.g. background to the survey, letters of invitation, survey) but can’t take responsibility for response rate, data collection or analysis. 

Before distribution, we need to ensure the purpose of the survey is relevant and in line with our vision and missions, and that the internal validity of the methodology is sound and of a high standard. Accordingly, Absolute Criteria have been developed to ensure that these requirements are met. 

Prior to survey distribution, documentary evidence of the following must accompany the Application: 

  1. Approval of the project, including all survey material and questionnaire, by a suitably constituted Internal Review Board or Human Research Ethics Committee. 
  2. A Letter of Invitation addressed to potential research subjects or email recipients shall accompany a copy of the questionnaire / survey, either attached at the top of the questionnaire or as a separate document. This letter will include the following elements: 
  • An invitation to participate 
  • A brief description of the purpose of the survey 
  • The voluntary nature of the survey 
  • The statement: “Participating in the survey constitutes consent to use the participant’s answers for research purposes.” 
  • If the invitation may or may not be forwarded to others 
  • The extent of the participant’s involvement, including the time required 
  • Details of privacy and confidentiality 
  • The link to the actual survey 
  • Means by which the findings of the survey will be reported/disseminated 


Survey Distribution Fee 

Survey Distribution will require a fee of $159AUD to cover administrative expenses. 


  • IFEM will distribute the survey material to its individual and organization database, but cannot guarantee secondary distribution beyond that. 
  • IFEM will not be responsible for follow up of recipients. If, however, a second distribution or reminder is required, this will require a second Survey Distribution Fee. 


Survey Distribution Application Form

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