Basic Emergency Care Training Course

IFEM oversees the administration of the Basic Emergency Care (BEC) course globally. 

Oversight procedures have been established to help ensure that BEC courses are conducted by appropriately trained personnel and in a manner consistent with the intent of the WHO, ICRC, and IFEM. This will also allow trained providers to receive a standardized certificate from IFEM that is universally recognized and accepted. The certificate demonstrates that participants have taken courses by appropriately trained facilitators with instructor to student ratios that are consistent with WHO recommendations. 

Courses may be conducted by a range of organizations, and multiple organizations within a country can request to hold BEC courses. To obtain IFEM approval and certifications, these “sponsoring organizations” must register courses with IFEM. 

Course applications must include:   

  • The name of the sponsoring organization responsible for the course 
  • The names and credentials of the registered facilitators (and Master Trainers if conducting a TOT course or if provisional facilitators are included) 
  • The number of students to ensure that the instructor to student ratios are appropriate (1 instructor to 5 participants) 
  • The date and location of the course 
  • A letter of support as needed (organizations based outside of the country in which they are teaching must submit a letter of support from a MOH official, national professional society, university, hospital, or other organization from within country, unless they are conducting a course that only includes their own staff). 

The sponsoring organization should submit this information to the regional professional society (AFEM, ASEM, EUSEM, FLAME, GFEM) who, if the course is approved, will then submit to IFEM for approval.  If no regional professional society exists, then the submission should go directly to IFEM.  Once approved by IFEM, standardized, numbered certificates will then be issued for successful course participants with the IFEM logo and regional professional society logo (if applicable). 

For more information about the process and requirements for sponsoring organizations please complete the form below. 


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