Peer Review of Junior Research Protocols

Aim of the peer review service 

The IFEM Research Committee is committed to the promotion of collaborative health research between institutions and countries. Part of this process is the fostering and training of junior health researchers. 

The Committee provides a service (free of charge) for junior researchers to access this expertise in order to improve the development of their research projects. It is hoped that this will improve the quality of the protocol, facilitate subsequent ethical review of the project and increase the likelihood of project funding. 

Members of the committee will review the protocols. The Committee is comprised of experienced emergency medicine researchers. It also has access to a large number of ‘content experts’ who have particular interests and expertise in a wide range of emergency medicine research areas.  

Documents for submission 

Researchers are invited to submit their protocols for peer review. Researchers must complete the application form (Click here to access the Application Form) and this should be submitted along with all other relevant project documentation.  

Protocols suitable for peer review include those: 

  • primarily developed and submitted by junior researchers (junior researcher should be the lead researcher) 
  • relating to an aspect of emergency medicine 

Protocols NOT suitable for review include those: 

  • where the project (and protocol) has already been approved by an Ethics Committee 
  • where data collection has commenced 

Ancillary documents should be submitted with the protocol, for example: 

  • questionnaires 
  • data collection forms 
  • study educational material 
  • other material, where appropriate 

Peer review process

Experienced emergency medicine researchers will review your protocol and aim to provide feedback via email within 6 weeks.  

Peer Review of Junior Researcher Protocols Application Form

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