Becoming an IFEM Member gives emergency physicians in your organization and country the benefit of an international network of like-minded colleagues and opens the door to be involved in the development of global emergency medical care. 

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Being an IFEM Member Provides you with the opportunity to: 

  • Exchange information on topics of international interest. 
  • Provide a mechanism for international collaborative research. 
  • Provide a mechanism for international elective opportunities for trainees in emergency medicine training programs. 
  • Provide a mechanism for international sabbatical for practitioners of emergency medicine. 
  • Act as a forum for common problems and approaches in disciplines specific to emergency medicine. 
  • Offer advice and guidance to emergency medicine practitioners world-wide in the formation of national associations/colleges/certification programs. 
  • Provide a network of centres to facilitate international cooperation in the event of natural or human-made disasters. 
  • Organize international conferences/symposia on topics of interest in emergency medicine. 
  • Act as a resource in the development of emergency medicine services. 

As a Full Member you receive the following benefits: 

  • The right to appoint one member to the Assembly. 
  • The right to one vote. 
  • The right to serve on the Executive or committees subject to regulations. 
  • The right to apply to hold an IFEM conference or symposium. 
  • The right to nominate for awards (subject to payment of a small administrative charge). 
  • The right to state that your organization is an IFEM member on your own website. 
  • Reduced cost IFEM endorsement for conferences (subject to approval). 
  • Reduced cost job advertising on the IFEM website. 
  • Free addition for events on the IFEM website events calendar. 
  • Addition of your organization website to the IFEM website via a link. 

Other benefits include: 

  • IFEM’S Committee, Special Interest Group and Taskforce infrastructure opens a pathway for your Members to have an active involvement in creating standards, guidelines, and a unified approach to many common EM related clinical, academic and organizational problems. 
  • IFEM offers assistance to EM practitioners in countries who don’t have EM recognized as a specialty. 
  • IFEM offers assistance to countries who recognize EM as a specialty by assisting in the development of training programs, undergraduate and graduate curriculums, and assessment methods. 


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