EM Resident Trainee Special Interest Group


The Emergency Medicine Trainees Special Interest Group was founded in 2020. It is designed to be a representative body for Emergency Medicine Trainees from across the globe where they will get to participate, compete and share knowledge with their peers from across the globe through an IFEM platform.

Trainees SIG encourages trainees to participate in IFEM activities at an early career stage and assists them in the development of sustainable career paths and building capacity in the EM workforce, with a particular focus on lower and middle income countries.

The Trainees SIG helps trainees to understand the vision of IFEM and the ways to collaborate with it. This group helps trainees to be an advocate for improving emergency care systems nationally and internationally in line with vision of IFEM.


Objectives of Group:

  • Provide a forum for networking between individuals with a particular interest in EM Trainees.
  • Foster collaboration between individuals with an interest in emergency medicine trainees especially in the areas of: education and training, Career development and professionalism, Wellness and career longevity, Advocacy
  • Fostering interest in the IFEM SIGs and providing exposure to the breadth of IFEM activities and mentoring trainees in participation in such endeavors.
  • Assist the annual ICEM Local Organizing Committee and other relevant planning committees for IFEM programming in providing trainee content.

Terms of Reference