VITA Award Recipients 2023


International Federation for Emergency Medicine Visionary Industry Technology Award ICEM 2023 Amsterdam

On 15 June 2023, during ICEM in Amsterdam, the first ever VITA Award Ceremony was conducted, led by IFEM President Dr Ffion Davies. The aim of this award was to deliver a high-profile honor for technology applications at one of the biggest International Conferences on Emergency Medicine – IFEM's annual conference. All eligible submissions and their relevant applicants were acknowledged in random order, followed by the VITA Award presentation in reverse order. For the VITA Award Ceremony in 2023, IFEM acknowledged the following: Highly Commended (rank 4-8), Runners Up (rank 2-3) and the final VITA Award 2023 Winner.

The 2023 VITA Winner is Professor Nan Liu, Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore with technology named: aiTriage.



Professor Nan Liu, Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore 

Technology Name: aiTriage

Synopsis: Patented technology on MACE risk stratification uses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) parameters derived from continuous ECG together with History, ECG, Age, Risk factors to calculate a risk score (0-100) within minutes, allowing clinicians or caregivers to identify chest pain patients who are at high risk of a Major Adverse Cardiac Event (MACE) and require priority for investigation and management. The whole triage process takes only 6-7 minutes. For low-risk patients, unnecessary laboratory tests could be avoided, and a shorter diagnostic workup could be ordered instead. The accelerated diagnostic protocol (ADP) triage workflow using AITRIAGE could potentially shorten the triage duration for low-risk patients from 8 – 12 hours to 2 hours, reducing ED overcrowding and saving hospital resources.


Runners Up

Dr Hassan Ahmad

Technology Name:

Synopsis: Annalise Enterprise is a clinical decision support application which uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to assist clinicians with the interpretation of radiological and imaging studies. It uses deep-learning techniques to highlight the relevant areas of interest for a subset of findings, to display the localization of clinical findings, and to identify laterality. Currently, Annalise Enterprise is used by Radiologists to assist in the reporting of a chest X-ray (CXR) and noncontract CT brain (CTB) scans.


Dr Di Jiang

National Research Council Canada & UBC

Technology Name: Vitalseer

Synopsis: This innovation will contribute most to the high quality, safety of triage of patients’ vital signs in the ED, keeping patients safe in the waiting room with repeated vital signs monitoring, and supporting virtual urgent care by obtaining vital signs from patients without contacting patients, and also follow up of patients at home during their convalescence post-ED discharge or preventative monitoring for health conditions. VitalSeer system uses low-cost consumer grade devices, e.g., webcam or integrated camera in laptops, while achieving acceptable accuracies to support clinical decision making is very innovative. VitalSeer’s prediction results are comparable to medical grade devices (e.g., HR MAE less than 1.2 BPM at home), and superior to that in the literature (e.g.1 BPM in laboratory vs 2.60 BPM reported in literature). VitalSeer’s SpO2 RMSE of 4.94% (N>20) is just above ISO 80601-2- 61 specification (SpO2 ranging from 70s to 100%). VitalSeer’s performance will be enhanced to ensure regulatory approval and clinical acceptance.


Highly Commended

Amjid Mohammed of Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  UK

Technology Name: Smart ER

Synopsis: The solution we are presenting is software, an end to end platform that provides end to end solution for patients presenting to the Emergency Department (ED). It is patient centric and Engages, Empowers, and Educates the patient while they are in the ED by adding value to the patients wasted time in the ED.


Convergence Medical Sciences Canada 

Technology Name: Valence inVent Xtend

Synopsis: Valence InVent Xtend is a low-cost, highly scalable tool for multi-casualty incidents, disasters, and other crisis ventilator shortages. It provides a high level of patient safety, is completely maintenance free, and offers by far the lowest per-patient costs of any previous ventilator shortage solution available. The device decreases the need for ventilator triage during the initial response to mass-casualty medicine, increasing the number of lives that can be saved with available resources.


Convergence Medical Sciences

Technology Name: Vigo Heart & Vigo Vitals

Synopsis: Vigocare Multi Vital Monitoring Platform is a Bio-sensor agnostic platform. It seamlessly integrates with newer biosensors to collect required data from patients using an inference engine to interpret patients’ vitals in real-time and alert the care providers. It allows emergency medical personnel to monitor patients remotely.


Amboss Egypt

Technology Name:

Synopsis: AMBOSS is a new kind of clinical decision support and medical education tool available for use at the point of care. Emergency Medicine Physicians use AMBOSS to access all the medical knowledge they may need to deal with the different cases they face on a daily basis. In addition to many of our features that help them come up with the best decisions in a time oriented setting considering that in emergency medicine, time is of utmost importance.


EMTS Dispatch System Malaysia

Dr Baran Palanimuthu
Sathis Kumar Batumalai

Medisphere Enterprise

Technology Name: Ambulance dispatch

Synopsis: Prehospital care system
- by unify private ambulance providers under one mobile application
- reduces ambulance fare cost by > 50% (estimated)
- private ambulance services could cater to patient requests to be sent to private hospitals as government ambulance services are limited to prehospital care to only government hospitals.


Congratulations to

Health Sensi India

Technology Name: Health Sensi

Synopsis: Early Intervention, Improved patient outcomes, patient safety & efficacy, instant alerts & real-time notifications to doctors/healthcare providers.


Prem Kiran of Med Ride India

Technology Name: Med Ride

Synopsis: A game changer in the healthcare sector by providing technology enabled emergency response with traige application and assisted reality with the help of medically trained professionals, ambulance service and local hospitals during the Golden Hour.


Prem Kiran of Med Ride India

Technology Name: Med ride 2

Synopsis: System for effective 'Golden hour' intervention and critical treatment with assisted reality and application technology integration.