World Health Organization Taskforce



Purpose of the World Health Organization Taskforce:

The WHO Task Team is chartered by the Board of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) to provide a forum in which members of the IFEM with special interest in emergency medical care in low resource settings can  identify common goals and opportunities to work together, coordinate IFEM efforts to improve emergency medical care across different WHO regions, provide technical input into the development of critical emergency care tools for the WHO toolkit, facilitate the sharing of resources between member organizations,  help to steer and improve upon projects, and provide and receive clinical expertise inputs in regards to emergency medical care.


  • Provide a forum for networking and the exchange of information and views between individuals with a particular interest in emergency medical care
  • Foster collaboration between individuals or groups with an interest in WHO activities with a view to the identification of research and quality improvement initiatives
  • Provide technical content input to resources and standards such as toolkits for the WHO
  • Facilitate the dissemination, adoption and implementation of WHO emergency medical care products through IFEM’s national society network
  • Explore broader aspects of emergency medical care across WHO regions consistent with the wishes and interests of the WHOTT membership

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