Events Taskforce

Since formalizing the Events Taskforce, we have convened a representative group divided into four key
sub-work groups to further define and determine structure and feasibility of a Virtual Learning Series
as part of the educational portfolio of IFEM. These four groups comprise: 1) operational 2) finance, 3)
marketing, and 4) analysis. We have completed 7 IFEM Virtual Learning Series Events in 2021-2022. We
have solidified the structure for “Around the World” events which highlight key emergency conditions and
concepts with an intent to provide a comparative perspective of practice and situational considerations
around the world. These have been well received. We are working to create shorter education offerings
in response to expressed needs and requests of membership and continue to deliberate on how to
sustain and add value for the hosting of these types of events. To that end, we are piloting an around
the world event and considering a proposal for a future model to ensure strategic marketing, reach, and
relevance with The Association Specialists (TAS), an association management company.