The Emergency Care Institute (ECI) Emergency Procedures App

The Emergency Care Institute (ECI) has launched the first edition of the Emergency Procedures App. The App is freely available (PC or phone) by accessing a QR code or by entering the URL into your browser.

The App is the result of a collaboration from emergency physicians across departments, extensive literature review, expert panel review and peer review. The ECI was supported by the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, the Agency for Clinical Innovation and many expert medical bodies who reviewed it and contributed. The first edition contains structured written guidelines for approximately 100 procedures most with video. The App is a living document and will continue to evolve.

The App is targeted at clinicians performing procedures in the emergency department. It is designed to help clinicians in training and as a memory aid for experienced clinicians. It is based on the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine syllabus, providing standardised recommendations for common emergency department procedures with the aim to reduce variation in practice and provides an evidenced-based methodology to assist providers to perform procedures safely and competently.

Access the app