Geriatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group


The IFEM Geriatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group was established in  2015. In many IFEM countries – on all continents — older people are the fastest growing demographic segment in the population. In all countries older patients are among the most complex, most vulnerable, and most resource-intensive of all ED patients. There is a growing awareness that care of older ED patients represents an identifiable sub-specialty within the practice of EM. The GEM SIG brings together clinicians, researchers, and educators who have a specific focus on improving care of older ED patients. We are a coalition of the willing and if you are interested in being involved, please contact the Chair, Carolyn Hullick (Australia) via the Secretariat.

We promote Geriatric Emergency Medicine through:

  • sharing best practices by identifying, developing and disseminating guidelines and standards pertaining to GEM;
  • developing globally relevant education and training opportunities;
  • promoting research in GEM;
  • supporting service development in GEM globally (including in the developing world);
  • advocating for older people and their requirements from the Emergency Services.

Expressions of interest are invited from individuals from IFEM Member organizations and individuals with an interest in GEM.  Nominations by your organization, or self-nominations by individuals within your organization, should be emailed to [email protected] 

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