Paediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group



In 2010, the IFEM Clinical Practice Committee approved the formation of an initial writing group for the document ‘International Standards of Care for Children in Emergency Departments’. Upon completion of the standards document, the Paediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group was created, and is currently represented by members from across the world.

Objectives of the Group

The objectives of PEMSIG are in line with the Terms of Reference of the Clinical Practice Committee, and with IFEM Strategic Objectives. They include:

  • Provide a forum for networking between individuals with an interest in PEM, including related topics such as models of care, clinical standards, research, and educational support through teaching activities and curricular development.
  • To maintain and promote an advisory document for international minimum standards of care for children in emergency departments, across the whole scope of practice and to promote these standards, including guideline documents if appropriate.
  • To work with other IFEM special interest groups and committees as requested to develop documents to support the expansion of paediatric emergency related knowledge across a continuum of emergency medicine care, and by doing this, make recommendations to IFEM in regard to how it can support and impact the future of paediatric emergency care development and practice globally.

Links with other emergency networks

PEMSIG has created liaisons with other networks and colleges. We currently have formal ties with the European Society of Emergency Medicine (EuSEM) and the Latin American Pediatric Emergency Medicine Society (SLEPE from its Spanish name initials), and informal links to National Colleges and Associations through our general membership. If there is a network or organization who would like to learn more about the IFEM PEMSIG, perhaps with a view to having a consistent link to our group, please contact any in the PEMSIG executive.


One of the advantages of joining is being able to access and contribute to our newsletter. This is the primary way by which our membership tells stories about how the emergency care of children is delivered in their countries, as well as informing our members about upcoming events.

Terms of Reference



ICEMs around the world.

Every time there is an ICEM, the PEMSIG is delighted to contribute to the delivery of high-quality educational sessions. This includes sessions within the conference, preconference workshops, and the ICEM Marketplace, an innovative method of delivering education where the audience decides what they want to learn. The ICEM PEMSIG Marketplace was the brainchild of Drs Ffion Davies and Baljit Cheema. Since its inception, the marketplace concept was adopted by other IFEM SIGs and has now evolved into a Grand Marketplace which involves multiple IFEM special interest groups.