Critical Care in Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group



Role of the Critical Care in Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group:

The aim of the Critical Care in Emergency Medicine special interest group is to examine and enhance the continuum of care from the recognition of critical illness to management and stabilization throughout the health care system. To achieve that aim, we bring together physicians interested in the development and improvement of care for the critically ill in both, resource-rich and resource-poor settings.

Objectives of the group:

  • To provide a forum for networking among clinicians, educators, and researchers interested in further development of the intersection between Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
  • To partner together to contribute to improving care for the critically ill in health care systems, especially in low resource settings, in order to improve the chain of survival
  • To collaborate to help identify the greatest barriers to creation or improvement of critical care emergency medicine around the world
  • To contribute to globally accessible critical care emergency medicine education that is open access and easily available in hard-to-reach places
  • To promote collaborate research amongst individual with interests in critical care emergency medicine and global health care development

Terms of Reference


Work and Achievements 

  • Quarterly meetings for members featuring experts discussing their work in Emergency Medicine Critical Care

  • Publications: 
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