Behavioral Emergencies Special Interest Group

Resources and Training

The following list is a Speakers Bureau, listing speakers in this field of practice. Each is willing to consider requests for giving their lecture at educational events. To make such a request please send a request.

Member: David Hoyer
Talk titles:

  1. Depression and Suicidality in Emergency Department Patients
  2. Identifying Depression in Emergency Department Patients (PechaKucha)
  3. Management of Anxiety Disorders in the Emergency Department
  4. Delirium vs. Dementia vs. Psychosis

Member: Les Zun
Talk titles:

  1. Evidence Based Evaluation and Tx of the Psychiatric Pt. in the ED
  2. Pitfalls in the Care of the Psychiatric Patient
  3. Psychiatric Disorders that Can Kill
  4. Pitfalls of Research in the area of Psychiatric Emergencies
  5. Managing Suicidal Ideation in the ED Setting
  6. Reducing your Agitation with the Agitated Patient

Member: Owen Muir
Talk titles:

  1. Pediatric Psychiatric Basics
  2. Nonsuicidal Self Injury
  3. Pediatric Delirium
  4. Pediatric Suicide Risk Assessment

Member: Ian Sammy
Talk titles:

  1. Depression in Older People in the ED
  2. Dementia in Older People in the ED
  3. Delirium in Older People in the ED

Member: Veronica Tucci|
Talk titles:

  1. Medical clearance of the psychiatric patient
  2. Countertransference in medical decision-making
  3. Difficult personalities and how to deal with them in the ED
  4. Stamping out burnout

Member: Luke Larkin
Talk titles:

  1. Suicide Prevention: What is the latest evidence
  2. Global Psychoepidemiology of Suicide and Mental Health
  3. Managing Acute Suicide States in the Emergency Department
  4. Occult Suicide Ideation: who is at risk and what to do about it
  5. The Mental Health Causes and Consequences of Trauma
  6. PTSD: Nosology and Best Evidence for Prevention & Management
  7. Disaster Psychiatry 101: What 9/11 Taught Us about Patients and Responders at Risk
  8. Victims of Violence: Domestic & International Victims of Torture