International Federation for Emergency Medicine Model Curriculum for Continuing Professional Development

Cherri Hobgood, MD*; Terrence Mulligan, DO†; Gautam Bodiwala, MD‡; Peter Cameron, MD§;James (Jim) Holliman, MD; James Kwan, MDǁ; Andrew Singer, MD**††; Nicholas Jouriles, MD‡‡

The International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM) mission is to improve emergency medicine (EM) around the world. Central to this philosophy is specialty development through an emphasis on education. To achieve that goal, the IFEM published manuscripts in 2009 and 2011 describing undergraduate (also known as “medical school”) education and graduate education (also known as “residency training” or “registrar education”). The final piece of this longitudinal series is to describe post-training education. This has been traditionally known as “continuing medical education” (CME) but is perhaps more appropriately known as “continuous professional development” (CPD).