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Arshia Javidan

Taskforce Coordinator, Emergency Department Crowding and Access Block Taskforce

Arshia Javidan is a third-year medical student at the University of Toronto pursuing a concurrent MSc in System Leadership and Innovation. Arshia completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University, where he was actively involved in affecting health systems change through the McMaster Health Forum, a WHO Collaboration Centre for Evidence-Informed Policy. His interests lie in critical care, trauma systems, quality improvement, and medical education. Arshia is spearheading the Independent Student Analysis for U of T Med’s upcoming accreditation to lead positive curriculum reform and leading a national movement in transparency in accreditation. He is also a Stop The Bleed Instructor, and acts as the medical student lead for Stop the Bleed Instructors. Outside of school, Arshia is an avid traveler, competitive powerlifter, and enjoys cooking up a storm in his kitchen.