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Dr A N Venkatesh

Society for Emergency Medicine, India

Vice Chair, Quality and Safety Special Interest Group

Dr Venkatesh A N is current National President of Society for Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI). He is working as Sr. Consultant and Head of Emergency Department at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, India.

Since graduation Dr Venkatesh A N has had keen interest in Emergency care. He trained in the Emergency Medicine and completed his Fellowship in Emergency Medicine. He went on to complete Membership of Royal college of Emergency Medicine (MRCEM), UK. He has understood the importance of managerial skills in the field of Emergency Medicine and has successfully completed PG certified course in Hospital Management (PGCGM) from the esteemed XLRI, Jamshedpur, India. He is also keen in developing and improving the quality standards across the medical field with special interest in Emergency care, which is shown in his capacity as an Principle Assessor of NABH ( National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and healthcare providers) and QAI ( Quality and Accreditation Institute).

Dr Venkatesh A N has worked in speciality for more than two decades and has a special interest in improving the quality standards in Emergency departments. He has travelled across the world representing emergency medicine in India and he has learned the importance and benefits of maintain good quality of care and safety of the care delivered in Emergency. He is working towards emphasizing the importance of quality and safety being from the basics even in the new and upcoming Emergency departments across India. Through his position as a principal assessor for QAI and NABH been at the forefront of establishing good quality emergency centers and running them safely. He has been a key figure in helping department to flourish and prosper.

Dr Venkatesh A N is the Lead investigator for Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore of health QUEST – first of its kind EM safety guidelines for India drafted from quality best practices of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

Dr Venkatesh A N has been a key figure in SEMI over the years, he has been a National treasurer, state president of SEMI for Karnataka Chapter and is now the National president of SEMI. During his tenure as State President, he has worked hard to help, Emergency Medicine spread it wings far and wide. He has further worked tirelessly as national treasurer towards a prosperous and ever growing organization. Having started its footprint across the country now Dr Venkatesh A N is working towards more international collaboration and exposure to the field of Emergency Medicine and bring international quality and safety to India.