Emergency Department Crowding and Access Block Taskforce



Role of the Emergency Department Crowding and Access Block Taskforce:

The Emergency Department Crowding and Access Block Taskforce is an international collaborative that aims to optimize the health of our patients by improving access to timely treatment within the Emergency Department. Working with the IFEM Quality and Safety Special Interest Group, the Taskforce is co-chaired by Drs Eddy Lang and Kim Hansen and has significant representation from all IFEM regions. Leadership is also provided by Arshia Javidan, a third year MD/MSc student at the University of Toronto.

The Taskforce has constructed a collaborative approach to reducing crowding and access block in the Emergency Department. This involved a pragmatic and implementable policy strategy that IFEM member organizations can use to leverage research and advocacy, an online resource page, as well as a community of support. A white paper has been generated and published to capture key Taskforce guidance and accomplishments.

The Taskforce’s outputs will be stratified between various dossiers, including:

  • Evidence base for effects of crowding
  • Input and Demand management
  • Throughput
  • Output/boarding
  • Advocacy
  • Policy initiatives
  • Legal risk/regulatory violations
  • EMS Offload
  • Case studies/patient voices/mental health
  • Financial and human costs
  • International Experience
  • Local/On-the-ground leadership in the face of ED Crowding
  • Metrics

Enquiries and suggestions can be addressed to:

Eddy Lang – [email protected]

Kim Hansen -  [email protected]

Arshia Javidan – [email protected]


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