Congratulations VITA 2023 Winner


International Federation for Emergency Medicine Visionary Industry Technology Award ICEM 2023 Amsterdam

On 15 June 2023, during ICEM in Amsterdam, the first ever VITA Award Ceremony was conducted, led by IFEM President Dr Ffion Davies. The aim of this award was to deliver a high-profile honor for technology applications at one of the biggest International Conferences on Emergency Medicine – IFEM's annual conference. All eligible submissions and their relevant applicants were acknowledged in random order, followed by the VITA Award presentation in reverse order. For the VITA Award Ceremony in 2023, IFEM acknowledged the following: Highly Commended (rank 4-8), Runners Up (rank 2-3) and the final VITA Award 2023 Winner.

This year's VITA Award Winner is: 

Professor Nan Liu Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore 

Technology Name: aiTriage

Synopsis: Patented technology on MACE risk stratification uses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) parameters derived from continuous ECG together with History, ECG, Age, Risk factors to calculate a risk score (0-100) within minutes, allowing clinicians or caregivers to identify chest pain patients who are at high risk of a Major Adverse Cardiac Event (MACE) and require priority for investigation and management. The whole triage process takes only 6-7 minutes. For low-risk patients, unnecessary laboratory tests could be avoided, and a shorter diagnostic workup could be ordered instead. The accelerated diagnostic protocol (ADP) triage workflow using AITRIAGE could potentially shorten the triage duration for low-risk patients from 8 – 12 hours to 2 hours, reducing ED overcrowding and saving hospital resources.

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