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Daniel Kollek

Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

Associate Professor, McMaster University
Honorary Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London

Dr. Kollek is an award-winning Emergency Physician in the Section of Emergency Medicine at McMaster University, Chair of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Disaster Committee and past Executive Director of the Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness. His research papers and presentations have spanned many disaster related topics such as terrorism and CBRN readiness. He is co-author and editor of the textbook “Emergency Preparedness for Health Care Facilities”.

In addition to teaching awards he and his colleagues of the Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness also received a Humanitarian Award from the International Federation of Emergency Medicine in 2006 for their work to improve Canadian disaster preparedness. Most recently he deployed on one of the first humanitarian missions to Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

Prior to his career in Medicine he was a combat officer in the Israeli Defence Forces and, having trained with Second City in Toronto, he now he dabbles in improvisational theatre.