Guidelines for Requests for Endorsement of International Conferences

The Conference Committee will review all requests for International Conference support and make recommendations to the President regarding IFEM support of the conference. All programs selected by IFEM for support will be selected based on criteria determined by the IFEM.

IFEM Recognized Event (CME not provided) - sponsor may not use IFEM in their promotional materials. The conference is listed in the IFEM Master Events Calendar, and the International Meetings Calendar.

  • Requests should be submitted 9 months prior to the conference but will be considered if submitted within 90 days of the conference.
  • It must be clear to the organizers that no CME will be offered by IFEM for physicians who may attend the conference, however CME credit may be provided by another organization. Any advertisement to be placed on the calendar must indicate that IFEM will not provide CME credit.
  • A designated Committee member will review the request and make a recommendation to the IFEM President and the IFEM Secretariat. If approved, the conference will be added to the IFEM calendar. The IFEM Executive will be notified of the action.