IFEM joint statement on protection of health workers and facilities in areas of war and conflict

The current situation in the world reminds us that in this last year or two, it seems that conflicts erupting in nations around the world increasingly involve attacks on innocent civilians, healthcare staff and healthcare facilities. Many events go unreported, but they happen worldwide. 

It is as though time-honoured International agreements no longer hold true.

In 2019, IFEM issued a statement regarding the protection of healthcare workers and healthcare facilities in areas of the world where there is conflict. 

Today, a multi-signatory letter from IFEM and the largest Emergency Medicine Societies across all continents join together to condemn the rise seen in attacks upon healthcare workers and their patients in this last year or two. Under basic humanitarian international laws, this should not happen. We plead with political leaders worldwide to prevent and condemn such attacks.

IFEM Statement on Protection of Health Workers and Facilities in Areas of War and Conflict