International Emergency Medicine (iEM) Education Project accessed by thousands of students around the world

It has been two years since the International Emergency Medicine (iEM) Education Project ( met with medical students.

The project, which aims to promote emergency medicine and provide free, reusable education resources for medical students and educators, reached another important milestone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The iEM education project, supported by United Arab Emirates University College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and endorsed by IFEM, announced a 4-week free open online emergency medicine core content course for medical students in April. In the first 24 hours of being promoted through IFEM and multiple other emergency medicine platforms, the course website was visited more than 3000 times from 57 countries. Syria (13%), Indonesia (10.6%), Thailand (8.1%), United States (7.3%), and Vietnam (6.5%) were the top five countries where students were registering from. This social responsibility initiative demonstrates the value of collaboration of academic, non-profit and commercial organizations during a pandemic. This initiative has now been published as an editorial in the African Journal of Emergency Medicine: “From the pandemic’s front lines: A social responsibility initiative to develop an international free online emergency medicine course for medical students.”