Research Network Workshop in India at EMCOM2023

Recently 4 members of the PREDICT network executive were invited to the EMCON2023 conference of the Society of Emergency Medicine in Hyderabad, India in October 2023 as coordinated by Indumathy Santhanam.

PREDICT ran a one-day workshop aiming to support the development of multicentre PEM research in India. PERN members are keen to support research sites and the formation of research networks outside existing PERN networks and outside high-income countries where some of our planned research is particularly relevant- such as for sepsis studies.

The day included a prioritization exercise on the most relevant research topics in the Indian PEM context. The priority list for PEM research created had a focus on issues such as prehospital care, acute resuscitation, and envenomations with very little overlap with similar exercises conducted in high-income PEM research networks in the past. There will be a follow-up meeting at the National Assembly on Pediatric Emergency Medicine (NAPEM 2024) in early March 2024 in Bangalore. This will likely be an opportunity to deepen the collaboration across sites for a future PEM research network in India.