The Schwartz\Reisman Emergency Medicine Institute Mentorship Opportunities

Older adults are the fastest growing segment of the population globally, and their care in Emergency Departments (ED) is challenging and resource intensive. Despite exemplary individual efforts, research in Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) lags compared to other areas in Emergency Medicine. 

The Schwartz\Reisman Emergency Medicine Institute (SREMI) was established to promote person-centered, evidence-based excellent emergency care for everyone. To this end, SREMI has established the Research Chair in GEM with the goal of improving the ED care of older people through knowledge creation and dissemination. Dr. Jacques Lee is the inaugural chair. 

Dr Lee is an emergency physician and clinician epidemiologist with nearly 30 years of experience in mentorship, clinical trial design and implementation science. Training the next generation of the best and brightest to lead in GEM research will be critical to improving the ED care of older people. To this end Dr. Lee is supported by SREMI to offer several important mentorship opportunities for anyone interested in GEM research.

  1. Graduate Studies– Dr. Lee is actively recruiting and supervising graduate students focused on GEM Research at the University of Toronto, faculty of Integrated Medical Sciences.
  2. New Faculty Mentorship – For new investigators trying to get started in GEM research, Dr Lee is a global resource for virtual methodological and career mentorship.
  3. GEM Research Fellowship – Dr. Lee is offering a fellowship in GEM researchers. With up to $70,000 CAD in funding, the fellowship will provide a specific curriculum with ongoing intense mentorship to prepare suitable trainees to become successful independent GEM researchers. The curriculum includes topics in Clinical Epidemiology from basic to advanced, customized to the fellows learning needs. Research Ethics, Scientific Writing, Project Management and Career Development are also covered. Finally, the fellowship will help prepare candidates to submit a competitive GEM research grant, and to help them negotiate salary support from their sponsoring organization. The fellowship can be conducted virtually, although in-person and hybrid models are available. Opportunities for clinical GEM experience are also available where feasible.

Anyone interested in these opportunities is encouraged to reach out to Dr. Lee – [email protected] 

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